Viber Wink

We return to be here with the marvelous applications of Viber. Today I bring you a very special that came out recently called Viber Wink. This application lets you send photos and videos to disappear after they have been seen. With Viber Wink you can share a photo during a given time. Tell your friends to be installed this fantastic instant messaging application and create groups of chat to talk all together.

The most important functions of Viber Wink are the following:

  • In the event that you want to download free, works with Viber 5.7.

  • Share your photos and videos with your acquaintances.

  • An advantage of Viber Wink is that before sending any image you can add text to the bottom. You can also put time to see how much is the image. 

Now comes the most interesting. There are stickers especially for the application Viber Wink. Are figurines very cool that will laugh a lot of people. You can buy the pack of stickers in the store.