Viber for Windows 10

From any computer or Tablet can send messages and make calls with Viber for Windows 10 and all for free. Viber synchronizes the call history on your smartphone so that you can make them without any kind of problem.

 Viber for Windows 10

In Viber for Windows 10 you will find the following features: 

  • Voice calls with a very high quality.

  • Text messages, with wallpapers very pimps and stickers fun.

  • Group IMS. You can transfer calls without problems between Viber for Windows 10 and your mobile device.

  • Dynamic Icons.

Web cam Viber for Windows 10

As you have seen is almost always the same in all types of Viber. Although in one sometimes change any feature. They are not all the same.  Here are not necessary the inscriptions, passwords, etc.

Chat messages Viber for Windows 10