Viber for iOS

Viber already know which of your contacts have the application so that it shall not be necessary to send contact requests or invitations, directly, because you can chat with your friends and people you know. You can send text messages and call your colleagues without any kind of difficulty with the interface of Viber that is easy to use.

Viber for iOS

You can also change your profile photo and the state and all your characteristics. You will see which of your contacts that even had no Viber yes now that have it and the new people that connects.

Video calls Viber for iOS

  • A complete redesign.

  • Text messages and voice, messages with photos and videos shared.

  • Calls through your computer, that for that it is necessary to have the best quality using 3G or WiFi.

  • You can make calls to mobile or fixed by low rates with Viber Out.

  • You will be able to groups with your friends and people known for up to 100 people, which is not bad.

  • For example the use of Viber to persons with disabilities provides them with the support of accessibility.

The screen of retina is simply spectacular. Retains the same size. What if I have reduced is the framework of the screen. It is very difficult to explain in words the quality of the new screen of retina. Only turn on the device we can already see its great quality. The resolution that offers is extraordinary.

Text messages Viber for iOS