Viber for Desktop

In Viber for Desktop you can do many interesting things like for example Send free messages from any place or country and make calls to other users, whether acquaintances, friends, relatives or strangers. It does not import the device or network that you use.

Viber Desktop

Viber for Linux

Already we are here with another messaging application in Viber, this is called Linux. You can send text messages to people all over the world to have fun and learn new things. Test to make free calls to other users to know them more thoroughly. Viber synchronizes your contacts and messages with your mobile device. 

  • Enjoy the characteristics of Viber for Linux, text messages, with funds and labels, talks with a group of friends.

  • You can call free of charge to any user of Viber of any country.

  • Full synchronization between your mobile device and Linux.

  • Transfer calls between your Smartphone and your desktop.

  • Do Not lack inscriptions, passwords or invitations from anyone.

  • Viber for Linux is tested by Ubuntu.

Did you know that Viber has reached the 200 million users and now will be offered also for Linux. I would recommend that you instaléis Viber to share conversations with the entire world. Express yourself also in your text messages with the new stickers.

Viber for Linux

Viber for MAC

In Viber for MAC, the instant messaging application on your Apple computer. Now you can also enjoy Viber with MAC. Send free messages and make calls interesting to talk with your friends or with other users. Send text messages from any place where and when you want.

As you will see now the features are the same as in Viber for Windows only in Viber for MAC.

  • We will find voice calls with a very good quality, video calls, text messages with photos and stickers. 

  • A magnificent synchronization of everything that contains your mobile device and MAC. In addition to in-progress calls between devices. 

You know that in all instant messaging applications we we will encounter the stickers, which as you will see are very useful to express something.

Downloaded Viber and log on so you can chat with your friends and create groups with known. Have fun with all the great features of this application.

Viber for MAC

Viber for Windows

Download Viber, type your phone number and starts to connect with their friends.  The wonderful application of Viber allows you to synchronize your contacts and messages with other people and your call history with your smartphone. I am going to put some examples: 

  • Allows you to make voice calls with the best HD quality, video calls, text messages with photos or stickers.

  • Has a synchronization of all between your mobile device and Windows.

  • And finally lets you make calls in progress between devices.

Viber for Windows

The stickes are those tags that siven to express your feelings, to express what you are doing or you want to do. You can accompany them always of a text. Send stickers to your friends so that they can see and share funny moments with your acquaintances.

Stickers Viber for Windows