Viber for Android

If you have an Android, with Viber for Android may send FREE messages and make calls to any mobile device that obviously have Viber. Also with Viber may use the stickers and share them with your friends. The only thing that always have to bear in mind is that people who escribáis shall have Viber, but because you will not be able to contact it. Viber is also used for Android to give you the best experience and the highest performance. 

Viber for Android

The characteristics of Viber for Android are the following:

  • The sent of free texts with messages and you can show your location for that others know of where you send the message.

  • Voice calls in which necesitareis use a high quality 3G or WiFi.

  • With Viber Out you can also make calls with rates for free. We recommend it.

  • Viber works with Android Tablets. So you may be using at the same time your Smartphone and your tablet.

  • More than a thousand new labels available for more fun with your acquaintances.

  • Groups created by people of some 100 people maximum. 
    - Have invented a new user interface for that Android look more again. 
    - And finally we will find an advantage that we will not have to send invitations or having to use passwords or inscriptions.

Viber for Android download 

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